Digital Native

Digital Native is HEARTBIT's adaptive platform. It is a STEAM K12 learning platform for teachers, students and parents aligned to the leading global curriculum standards. We provide personalized learning through AI technologies and hands-on experiential learning.  

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 All rights reserved. Digital Native, is a HEARTBIT brand.

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What do we offer?

Adaptive LMS platform

Our platform is developed so that parents, teachers, students, high schools and education companies can foster STEAM education to the world´s digital natives. With an adaptive LMS system (learning management system) to manage classes, challenges, content and progress, we allow smooth communication between teachers and parents, teachers and students.

Are you an edTech company? Become a partner. Our platform is white-label and ready for implementation at your school.

Data-driven, scientific-based methodology

Our learning method transcends school classrooms, giving place to action and impact-based learning. Students learn by doing while becoming aware of the Sustainable Development Goals and connecting with industry makers.

STEAM curriculum and extra-curricular activities

It is not a secret that 80% of 2030´s most competitive jobs don´t exist yet and will all be technology-based. Our children must be prepared to thrive in a globalized, robotized and automatized world. Our STEAM K12 curriculum was developed by industry experts and is ready to be implemented for children aged 4-18. We complement our offer for young adults +18 with our youth digital skills programs at, company we also founded.

We are industry pioneers in technology education

We have been recognized by institutions like the MIT and the Interamerican Development Bank. We have worked with clients like the World Bank, Rice University and international governments. If you are interested in learning more about our work, download our guides, research-driven studies and impact guides.

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