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We are an international team with over 15 years of experience in software development, design and pedagogy. We specialize in the development of digital skills among children, young people and adults.  If you have questions, suggestions or just want to say hi, find us at [email protected] 


Multi-platform solution

Learn 21st century skills with your multi-platform education system. Join your children in their discovery and learning processes.

Web and Mobile Applications

We developed Digital Native for children aged 4 - 18 and a youth line for young students above 18.

Maker Kits

Our maker kits combine our adaptive software with experiential learning and real-world challenges.

Teacher and Student Training

Combine our learning platform with practical and effective lessons for teachers and students.


Why Digital Native?

It is estimated that 80% of the most competitive jobs for 2030 will all be technology based. Why is STEAM training relevant? (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

Integral Formation

We complement technical training with the development of socio-emotional skills and learning based on challenges.

Innovative Methodology

We implement relevant methodologies for today's world as well as learning processed based on outcomes and metacognition.

Relevant learning

With a global, competitive and digital world, new educational models are required. Digital Native empowers you with relevancy.

Investment For The Future

Technology education is the best way to guarantee high chances of competitiveness to your children and students.

Multi-User Access

We involve parents and teachers in the learning process with our custom-made software developed for them.

Personalized Education

We integrated Artificial Intelligence algorithms and real-time analytics for you to understand the "why"s and "how"s.


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Kits available for children and adults




How does it work? One kit every month!

1. Register for FREE

Our software is available for children, teenagers, adults, parents and teachers.

2. Select a Maker Line

We offer three types of kits: Impact, 10X and Collectible. Pick one, no strings attached.

3. Receive your Maker Kit

Choose a plan and receive your Maker Kit. On-demand, monthly or yearly options.

4. Fun, Creative, Impactful

Digital Native unleashes your creativity and connects you with real-world challenges!

Digital Native is not just one more technology company. It is the beginning of many.

Service Learning 2.0

Service - learning is a pedagogy that combines the academic curriculum with community service. As a pedagogical methodology, it feeds from various theoretical sources, such as the philosophy of experiential education and critical thinking. It integrates with self-discovery and self-knowledge as a way to enrich the educational experience teach citizenship, encourage social involvement throughout life and strengthen the common good of societies.

With the integration of a gamified system based on blockchain technologies as well as a horizontal approach to technology building across different industries, our ambition is to establish a new standard on how to democratize technology education while combining artificial intelligence, iOT and adaptive learning systems. We also encourage students, parents and teachers to become aware of the Sustainable Development Goals and take action. 


Bundles of love, joy and learning.

21st century education. 


HEARTBIT specializes in technology education for children, young people and  adults. Say hi [email protected] 


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By 2030...

85% of competitive jobs

don´t exist yet. Most will

be tech-based.

we will pass the point where we can't stop runway climate change.

8 billion people 

will inhabit planet Earth. 


Bundles of love, joy and learning.

21st century education. 


85% of the most competitive jobs by 2030 have not been invented yet. All will be tech-based.



Our approach is long-term: from production to delivery

How does it work?

Get a different maker kit each month! Each kit comes with all necessary components for you to learn while doing and building!

Register to the platform

HEARTBIT is available for web and mobile devices and for three types of users: students, teachers and parents.

Choose your maker kit line

We offer more than 26 maker kit lines with special content and bringing context to your learning experience.

Get your maker kits at home!

We bring you our maker kits home. Subscribe to a recurring plan or buy our kits on-demand, no strings attached.

Keep beating.

Robust methodology

We combine theory with practice, bringing context to experiential and evidence-based learning.

Relevant content

We guarantee high-quality content for relevancy and accuracy regarding methods, trends and skills.

Real-time data analytics

We enable access to our real-time analytics dashboard. Measure your student's or child's progress and be present in their journey.

Personalized education

Our adaptive software enables the personalization of each student's journey while encouraging self-awareness.

Multi-user software

Students, teachers, parents and caregivers can create their own accounts with our multi-user software.

Sustainable biomaterials

We design and bioengineer biomaterials for the a sustainable and eco-friendly maker kits production.


We offer a robust STEAM education solution while leveraging materials science for a sustainable planet.


We serve students, parents and teachers